Are you dreaming of waterfalls, hot springs in unspoiled nature, dolphins and charming towns where you can walk around on foot? Want to get away from traffic jams, hordes of tourists and trending towns that never sleep? North Bali makes a great escape into a world of natural beauty where you can catch a glimpse of the enchanting Balinese culture. Plenty of natural attractions, not as sleepy as east and west Bali but very tranquil, laid-back and beautiful, North Bali should be in your travel itinerary if only to see something else than our beloved Seminyak, Canggu and Ubud for a change. Check out these 6 reasons to visit the north of Bali:

1. You get to see ‘the real Bali’!

reasons to travel to the north of Bali

Breathtaking sceneries in the north of Bali. Photo credit: iceblueberries on Instagram

Rugged mountains, sleepy Balinese villages, crater lakes, rice paddies as far as the eye can see and desolate volcanic black sand beaches… Move away from touristy areas in the south and what you’ll get is the breathtaking unspoiled beauty of Bali also known as ‘the real Bali’. Heartwarming smiles of local people, ceremonies and street parades, raw tropical nature, you will be amazed! Get a private villa with a view for the most unforgettable North Bali experience.

2. Amazing luxury villas at unbelievable prices

North Bali travel guide

Jeda Villas in Pemuteran Northwest Bali – Just stunning, right?!

Getting away from the most touristy areas on the island has another massive benefit: you can stay at the most amazing luxury villas with spectacular views and it won’t cost you a fortune. Beachfront villas with infinity pools, villas located in the centre of popular Lovina, hilltop villas… We’ve got a beautiful villa collection in the north of Bali that you will absolutely adore!

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3. Majestic waterfalls to leave you awe-struck

reason to visit north Bali

Sekumpul Waterfall North Bali. Photo credit: magannnn on Instagram

Most of Bali’s waterfalls are located up in the north. One even more breathtaking than the other. Hidden away in peaceful valleys, the force of nature comes thundering down and the water of these waterfalls is wonderfully cool, great for a refreshing splash or even a swim down there in those lush green valleys. Some waterfalls you must visit are Sekumpul (in the photos above), Aling Aling at The Secret Garden of Sambangan (you can even slide off a waterfall there), Gitgit and Munduk.

4. Up close and personal with Balinese dolphins

Why you should travel to the north of Bali

See dolphins in Lovina. Photo credit: karolinarehnberg on Instagram

Lovina is a charming little tourist town in the north of Bali and the main reasons why people come and stay here (apart from the beautiful private pool villas at fantastic prices), are the dolphin watching tours. Every morning just after sunset, you can spot hundreds of dolphins swimming all around your little fishing boat not too far from the shore. A magical experience it is and the views are also stunning! Golden tip: when you book the trip, ask your captain to go a bit later than the other boats like around 7.30 / 8 am, this way you will be getting the best experience without hordes of other boats around.

5. The best snorkelling and diving in all of Bali at Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island

Crystal clear waters around Menjangan Island in Northwest Bali. Photo credit: _laurine_m_ on Instagram

Menjangan Island is located in the northwest of Bali and it is a protected area part of West Bali National Park. The main gateway to get to Menjangan Island is the quiet fisherman’s village called Pemuteran. Hop on a boat and go diving or snorkelling around this beautiful little island, home to exotic birds and deer. Underwater, a whole new paradise unfolds itself with fishes and sea creatures in all shapes, sizes and colours as well as the most stunning coral gardens.

6. North Bali is great for families!

North Bali - things to do

On your way to the north of Bali, you must stop at Bali Treetop Adventure Park! Photo credit: balitreetop on Instagram

Some of the best family activities are in the north of Bali. We already mentioned the dolphins and the snorkelling but also Bali Treetop Adventure Park, located in Bedugul on your way to the northern side of the island, is just awesome for families! Zipline from treetop to treetop climb, overcome fears and have lots of fun. Bali Tree Top is definitely one of our most favourite family activities in all of BaliFamilies are bound to love North Bali!

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