Ever since I posted about BRUN on my Instagram, miraculously until today people have been asking me questions about BRUN and tagged me their BRUN purchases, and I am super thankful about it, simply for trusting what I always recommend you guys! This blog is written to talk about BRUN in details while recommending you my personal favorites!

I noticed they sealed the chocolate blocks with plastic, hygiene checked!

Now the chocolate block is the base for all of their drinks and it needs milk to dilute the intensity and make it more “serving and drink appropriate”.

Their chocolate drinks come in variations such as: BRUN Signature Chocolate, BRUN Specialties (Spicy Chocolate, Coconut Surprise, Seasalt), FLAVORED (Banana Chocolate, Hazelnut Chocolate, Orange Chocolate, Peppermint Chocolate, Mojito Chocolate). Price range for their drink is from IDR 28k-35k.

I notice they recently launched this new drink called Power Pack Iced Chocolate with Rum, almost like on the go breakfast meal-drink for that boost of morning energy. I absolutely love this drink, beautifully creamy, the cereal starts off crunchy when freshly poured on top but by time softens when bathed in the chocolate drink, the rum was definitely there but didn’t overpower the performance of the chocolate.

Of course you can choose to have the hot/cold drink, I don’t normally opt for hot drinks when I’m in Jakarta especially since this city is pretty humid, but I gotta admit their chocolate drink is as good when it’s served hot, both are good in their own way!

I tried some of their best sellers and I have to say I LIKE everything, none that I find myself disliking, strictly because I feel each variant is different, unique and tasty in their own way. I thought I would not like their pink salt chocolate (just from thinking about it) and turns out it’s one of my favorites, somehow the saltiness from the pink salt blends so well with the sweet creamy chocolate, the peppermint chocolate is also good, it doesn’t taste like this shitty artificial drink, it did give you this peppermint spice and aroma that I found enjoyable when I’m in the mood, but if you ask me to name my MOST FAVORITE, it has to be their BRUN Signature Chocolate, BUT the creamier kind, okay let’s just put it this way, I am a classic guy, I love classics and their signature chocolate is indeed, in my opinion, without a doubt, for sure (awkay) one of THE BEST in town: it’s so creamy, thick but didn’t bloat me out, I can tell it’s high quality chocolate from its performance and how it didn’t left this weird texture on my mouth’s ceiling, still had that enjoyable bitter quality, and the perfect amount of milk infused. ABSOLUTELY LOVE BRUN!!!

Just how creamy their chocolate drink is! All nature, didn’t have artificial sweetener infused!

Some days, I am easily pleased, some days I am just totally bitchy and demanding, but when it comes to chocolate drink, I am easily pleased when it’s done right, vice versa when it’s a joke, and BRUN is exactly one that left that sweet taste in my mouth <3



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