Get your adventure on this summer, with the Lake Moniwa kayaking tour

Let out your inner adventurer this summer with a kayaking tour in Fukushima Prefecture. Taking advantage of the natural beauty of the conservation area: the Surikami River Dam – more commonly...

Far East takes over management of hotel in Ariake, Tokyo

Far East Hospitality has taken over the management of the Village Hotel Ariake Tokyo and rebranded it as the Far East Village Hotel Ariake. The 306-key property is the first hotel...

Tokyo staycations: The best summer campaigns

A “staycation” is commonly known as a period in which an individual or family stays in their hometown and participates in leisure activities within close distance. This could involve dining...

Touchless: How the world’s busiest airport envisions post-COVID travel

With COVID-19 ravaging the aviation industry, airlines and airports worldwide are reining in costs and halting new spending, except in one area: reassuring pandemic-wary passengers about travel. "Whatever the new normal...

Singapore’s Changi Airport installing new contactless systems

New contactless systems and cleaning innovations are being rolled out at Changi Airport in Singapore. At Changi’s automated kiosks, new proximity sensors are being installed progressively to eliminate the need for...

Travelers are venturing out again but avoiding planes, international trips: survey

Travelers are hitting the road again and taking vacations even as the coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of abating in many countries, a survey this week showed. About 51% of people...

Marriott expands AC Hotels brand to Japan

Marriott has expanded its AC Hotels brand to Japan, with the opening of the 296-room AC Hotel by Marriott Tokyo Ginza. Located in Tokyo’s upscale Ginza district, the hotel’s modern glass...

Over 30,000 goldfish on display at Art Aquarium, Tokyo’s newest Instagrammable spot

Fish are the easiest pets in the world to keep. They don’t make any noise or keep you up at night. They don’t poop on your lap. You don’t need...

Soar like an eagle at this adventure park in central Japan

You’ve heard of abseiling, you know what bungee jumping is, and you’ve at least watched a video or two of someone throw themselves off of a vertical precipice before hang-gliding...

New campground looks perfect for living out your Princess Mononoke fantasies

Mie Prefecture doesn’t always slot into travelers’ itineraries in Japan, with many visitors only perhaps catching a glimpse of it in the distance as they slide swiftly by on the Tokyo/Kyoto...