Seriously, I miss going out and do reviews, and that’s exactly what I did today with my sister who slept over last night, FYI my sister is married and we work together in our business, so everytime we have projects to discuss (and when there are many) she and her kid usually sleepover at my house (btw my nephew is the most adorable kid but I don’t share much details about him) and I have to thank my bro-in-law for allowing her to stay at least once every week HAHA, I was craving for some good burger so before I drove her off back to her house we decided to grab a quick lunch.

I don’t have a lot of favorite burger places, they’re always repeats: when I feel like having filthy, messy, over the top juicy burgers then I’ll go to Lawless, but when I’m craving for good sourdough sandwiches and gourmet burgers that’s finer and more reserved then I’ll head over to Farm Girl, this burger joint is considered new yet been around for a while, I was surprised that not a lot of people knew about this when I posted it on my Instagram story, they’re very underrated hence this blog post for more people to appreciate this beauty.

Farm Girl has two outlets in Jakarta: main one in Menteng and the other one in Wijaya, but I usually go to the one in Menteng because it’s closer to home, and I love to see this discreet small blue building their outlet it is (their Wijaya branch is more like a booth FYI). Besides serving burgers and sandwiches, you can consider them a bakehouse for they also bake good looking sweet goods such as cinnamon roll, cookies, bagels and bread. I didn’t take any photo of the interior as during the pandemic guests are not allowed to dine inside, and to be frank the inside was not the most attractive earlier as it’s a bit messy with chairs on tables and packagings, but what I can tell you is that the open kitchen is going to be right before your eyes as soon as you stepped inside, so you can also expect tempting aroma of burgers and sandwiches being cooked too! 4 sets of chairs and tables are located outside if guests want to dine on the spot.

They have quite a range of menus and their main savories are the burgers and sandwiches. I bet if you’re a first timer you’ll spend a little more time deciding because everything looked so good on the menu, it’s like when you’re about to go for their TCS, then their American Burger sounds good too, or their pesto sandwiches and this and that but you don’t have limitless pit to have everything #firstworldproblems! I always go for two of my favorites here: the TCS and Patty Melt (sourdough sandwich).

TCS – IDR 100k

Up until now, I legit have no idea what TCS stands for, but they also have another menu called TCSB (and this one has pork bacon), but anyway this is one of their staple menus and it’s NON HALAL because they use pork patty here (but I think you can request for beef patty). TCS consist of omega 3 eggs, pork patty, cheddar, chipotle mayo, all wrapped with the fluffiest most amazing brioche buns that I’ve had on any burger in Jakarta and paired with potato chips for a bit of crunch, everything about TCS is pure love but I didn’t expect the bun to be that soft and gorgeous! They’re very generous with the scrambled eggs and it’s also amazing because flavor and texture wise, it’s soft and creamy, but so fresh WITHOUT any smell. The pork patty is also freaking amazing, it’s juicy & perfectly seasoned, sadly I can’t show it to you because it’s completely wrapped in the scrambled egg and when I tried to dig it looked kinda disgusting so I choose not to show it here, but you know how a patty looks like right??? As for the chipotle mayo I think it’s complimenting, only that it’s sheer.

Patty Melt – IDR 120k
Don’t ask me to choose because I love both TCS and Patty Melt, and they’re completely different! Patty Melt is a very American sandwich for me, it’s about indulge, indulge, indulge: seared all beef patty topped with mix of mozarella & red cheddar cheese and caramelized onion all wrapped in toasted sourdough! They’re super generous with the cheese, but somehow I didn’t feel like it was too much or overpowering and I don’t know what kind they’re using but you know one of those case where cheese can interfere with the aroma and this one doesn’t! The beef patty is also well seasoned and juicy and of course the sourdough is not a disappointment. Nice texture, delightful crisp!

Damn Farm Girl is really not playing with their quality, second time and never disappointed. PS: THE BURGERS AND SANDWICHES MIGHT LOOK SMALL ON THE PIC but they were actually pretty generous, I kinda gave up on the TCS after finishing 3/4 of the whole thing because the scrambled egg was so much and it’s fulfilling.

For the drink I opted the Iced Chocolate with Minor Figures oatmilk sub, it was okay good but not out of the world good, but seriously after indulging their urgers

Farm Girl is definitely one of the best bakehouse and burger spots in Jakarta, I’ll definitely come back over and over and over again!

Farm Girl

Jalan Riau No. 4

Gondangdia, Menteng

Jakarta Pusat 10350


Opening hours: 8 AM-5 PM (closed at 3:30 PM on Mondays)

Average spending for two: IDR 200k

Dresscode: none


Rekomendasi Wisata Kuliner Indonesia, temukan di Travellers Cantik Indonesia.

Rekomendasi Cafe


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