Oh hi, anybody here in this dying blog? I haven’t blogged in so long and honestly I kinda miss writing long ass reviews, anyway before I start the point of this post (which is the review), if you care let me tell you something about my life the past couple of months and very recently, it’s no secret that we are all in this shitty Corona situation and it has been really hard for some people, I am at the point of my life where I stop saying “if one day this is all over”, and adapt myself to the “new normal”, really I hate saying that but it’s happening, whether we like it or not, the first month of quarantine almost got me insane, I had sleep deprivation, I was constantly not in the best of mental state but with the new mindset I am slowly strengthen the grip of my life, I won’t let my mind control me and long story short I am now doing better.

My days have been busy again, at first I distracted myself with the regular cooking videos challenge that I made during Ramadhan and it worked to keep myself busy, pre-corona I was busy almost everyday and I barely got in touch with myself or processed my emotion, so when the first weeks of quarantine all you had to do was nothing and you had you for yourself, I realized how my busy schedule was such a distraction, fast forward today I have been busy and working mostly from home. 

Anyway can I say I am surprised to find out that the traffic of this blog is WAAAY above what I expected, it’s still gaining 4000k daily visitors, well far cry from the daily 30k I was used to, not sure where the traffic is from but for the little ones who revisits this blog, HELLO! It’s indeed hard to maintain some platforms altogether, especially since I have no team and does everything by myself, there’s always one that’s going to stand out more, let’s say my Instagram is doing amazing, but the blog is not really doing well, I am not going to lie, sometimes I am just pure tired and lazy, but to my defense, life has been so different years ago compared to now, I am not going to promise you anything, I will update this blog when I have the chance but I will put on the effort.

K, ENUFF WITH THE LIFE UPDATE AND LET’S GET INTO THE REVIEW! 2020 and the brown sugar milk drink trend doesn’t seem to slow down, more and more foreign brands are opening and one of the highly anticipated has got to be Fire Tiger, Thailand’s number one bubble tea brand as this entry is being typed! I was super impressed the first time I had it last year, it was one of the best yet the most expensive cup to date (it’s around 80k/cup converted to Indo currency).

Can’t serve you reports from their outlet because I haven’t been to GI for three months (and yes Grand Indonesia is the home to their first outlet) but from what I saw on their Instagram, the design of the outlet seemed chic and poppin’, along with their signature gold color and roaming tiger head as the pickup point.

I was honestly a bit concern about the pricing, I hope it wouldn’t be Thai expensive AND SO GLAD IT DIDN’T! I found out about the pricing from the online delivery app (Gojek/Grab) and even though it’s still considered high for Jakarta standard, but it’s way below the Thai pricing, the drinks range around IDR 50k price point. Since they’re opening during the quarantine days they also have DIY menus that I’m going to talk about as you scroll this entry.

There are around 5 menus that I tried: Fire Tiger Milk, Fire Tiger Milk Tea, The Crown, The Majesty and Snow Tiger. Snow Tiger is their newest menu! In terms of look, since the drinks were ordered through online app, it won’t look as pretty as the one freshly made, there was no sugar swirls, but what can we do..

Fire Tiger Milk & Fire Tiger Milk Tea – IDR 52,5k

the milk tea is the more brown looking one

In terms of flavor, I think the one that I had in Bangkok is pretty much the same: their brown sugar style is a tad different that the common brown sugar flavor (I realize most has this style that’s similar): it’s very fragrant, bold but not overpowering & had this caramel/toffee hint to it, but certain drinks has different adjustments and toppings!

Overall their Fire Tiger milk drink is creamy with generous brown sugar syrup, tasty creme brulee (and boy I freaking love how their creme brulee is not the overly milky kind), brown sugar pearls and fresh milk (and milk tea for the Fire Tiger Milk Tea)

The Crown

I prefer THE CROWN MILK TEA, this one has a lovely earl grey note to the drink, properly creamy with brown sugar pearls, caramel jelly then topped with crispy chocolaty caramel sugar bits for texture (it’s bitter but aromatic and meant to be mixed together with the drink). PS: you can easily tell which drink is which from the cup, as you can see above it has THE CROWN printed on the cups.

Snow Tiger

Snow Tiger is Fire Tiger’s latest release, it’s the combination of their best sellers: Fire Tiger Milk & Milk Tea, the lower layer is the milk tea, then topped with fresh milk with brown sugar sauce drizzle, this drink has this semi frozen/blended consistency, is it my favorite? Not really, I honestly don’t find this anything special and taste wise very similar to their Fire Tiger Milk but blended version, the main difference that I found was the topping, it has this crispy caramel sugar bits that’s used in The Crown.

As for THE MAJESTY, I didn’t try it but my sis did, it’s a cereal milk drink kind and I know right away I won’t like it because I have never been a fan of cereal milk drink.


Fire Tiger Indonesia is currently launching the DIY drinks for those who feel a bit more adventurous but LIMITED to their Fire Tiger Milk & Fire Tiger Milk Tea only, I honestly prefer the ready to drink version to the DIY for the comparison I experienced myself, somehow the ready to drink version was tastier and as much as I want to believe that everything’s equally measured for the DIY version, but it still tasted different, I notice they’re also giving ice cubes but unfortunately half of it melted as it reached home (and I used my own for this pic), well at the end of the day, if you’re really concern about the best state of flavor, the freshly made one should be the best (and I mean dine in), to go or not to go to the mall is your call.

Overall, I would give Fire Tiger an 8/10, even though I still like the one in Bangkok better, and I believe it’s always the issue with foreign franchises that are here: MILK, I have no idea what milk they’re using in Bangkok and what they’re using here, but I have a good feeling they’re different, but overall still an 8 because I enjoyed the drinks, they still have the original flavor character that I vividly remember.

The souvenirs are KYUT! Even though it has the branding on it, it’s the kind that I don’t mind using.

Fire Tiger

Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall level 3A

Jl. M.H Thamrin No. 1 – Jakpus 10350

Opening hours: 10 AM-8 PM

Average spending for two: IDR 100k

Dresscode: none


Rekomendasi Wisata Kuliner Indonesia, temukan di Travellers Cantik Indonesia.

Rekomendasi Cafe


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