Hello. Long time no see. It’s been a while. 2 years to be exact.

Mungyeong weekend trip from Seoul day trip

Those of you who follow me on social media will know that I’m not really a digital nomad anymore and living a pretty settled corporate expat life in Seoul these days! I’m a in-agency copywriter, with a pretty demanding job writing for some of Korea’s biggest companies. So… with all the pressure on me to write perfectly, the idea of writing for pleasure kind of went out the window…

But over the weekend, I had 4 glorious days out the office, and my boyfriend had to take an impromptu trip out the city… I decided to tag along for the drive, and we did a bit of sightseeing.

We visited an area in Gyeongsangbuk-do called Mungyeong, and it was so adorable that I knew I had to share it with you!

So, here’s how to plan the perfect Mungyeong day trip!

How to spend a day in Mungyeong

As we arrived in Mungyeong the night before, we had a full day for our sightseeing, and I made a little “date course” for us. This unexpected trip gave way to my unexpected return to blogging!

Hwasuheon Cafe

As seems to be the case these days, my tour became more like a cafe hopping trip. One thing that’s happened in my 2 year blogging absence is that I got addicted to checking out all the cute cafes in Seoul.

I came across Hwasuheon on Instagram, and when I did, I knew I had to go! It’s set on a plot of land dotted with traditional hanok houses and fairy lights.

Mungyeong weekend trip from Seoul day trip

We opted for their set menu which had warm and chewy rice cake waffles service with ice cream, and our choice of drinks. I was boring and went for a hot latte, but my bf was more adventurous and tried a ssuk smoothie.

Mungyeong weekend trip from Seoul day trip

Ssuk is a leafy spring vegetable which has a really unique flavour, and translates into English as crown daisy… I had never heard of it until I came to Korea, and I think it’s relatively unknown outside of Asia. The taste of his drink was nothing like a green smoothie. It was more of a creamy milkshake but with a slightly bitter and fragrant flavour. I’d definitely recommend it!

Gaeun Station

Mungyeong weekend trip from Seoul day trip

Next on our list was this quaint renovated old train station. It looked like something just from an old drama. There’s also a cafe inside which has a great selection of scones and apple drinks.

Rail Bike

Rail bikes are really popular in scenic parts of Korea, as they’re a fun way to get up and close with nature without having to climb up a hill. I had no idea there were rail bikes in this area since it was an impromptu trip, and we didn’t dedicate time to it. If I return, I’d definitely like to check out the Mungyeong Rail Bike, though.

Familia Restaurant

Mungyeong weekend trip from Seoul day trip

After you’ve cycled up an appetite, Familia is the perfect place to continue taking in the countryside views while chilling out, too. The menu is mostly Italian food and has great reviews, but the main attraction is the setting.

Unfortunately, we hadn’t made a reservation, so couldn’t eat there. It might have been busy because it was a bank holiday, but anyway, if you plan on going, definitely call ahead!

Chungju Lake

Mungyeong weekend trip from Seoul day trip

Yes, this is another cafe, but you’re not there for the coffee, you’re there for the scenery! Lazy Alligator is set at the edge of Chungju Lake with a gorgeous view out over all the little islands. For us, this was a chilled way to see the lake in a fun setting. I’ve heard there are also cruises if you want to see it up closer.

Other cool places to check out!

We arrived in Mungyeong the previous evening, and I hung out in a cafe in the nearby city, Sangju called Muyang House.

Mungyeong weekend trip from Seoul day trip

This charming little coffee shop is set inside a renovated house. If you’ve been to Korea, you’ll know that apartments are much more common here, but outside the city, you’ll find some houses like this. This one had a gorgeous aesthetic inside and was the perfect place to recharge after the long car journey.

Mungyeong weekend trip from Seoul day trip
Mungyeong weekend trip from Seoul day trip

For dinner, we checked out Chogye Hanu where we feasted on some different cuts of hanu beef, and finished our meal off with kimchi fried rice, and even picked up a goats milk ice cream from their on-site ice cream shop!

Another place we really wanted to check out was Insanire Kitchen but it was also fully booked! This place has freshly made pasta, gnocchi, and everything looks amazing!

Where to Stay

As our trip wasn’t last minute, we just stayed in a motel which nice, clean, but nothing too exciting.

If you are planning your trip in advance, I’d recommend trying to stay at one of these places which caught my eye, or searching for places to stay in Mungyeong on Hotels Combined.

Mungyeong J&M Pension

Mungyeong STX Resort

I hope this post has encouraged you to take another fun day trip in Korea! If you’ve checked this area out before, or have been inspired to put it on your list, leave me a comment and let me know!

Mungyeong weekend trip from Seoul day trip
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