Yeosu is a beautiful coastal city located in the southwest of Korea and it is famous for stunning views of the sea. It became more famous with the song ‘Yeosu Night Sea’ sang by a Korean singer-songwriter, Jang Beom June. Yeosu is absolutely a popular travel destination among Koreans, but it is relatively less-known to foreign tourists.

If you are curious about this amazing city, read on to find out the must-go attractions, restaurants, and cafes in Yeosu!

Must-Go Attractions in Yeosu

1. Jasan Park

  • Address: 54 Jasangongwon-gil, Yeosu-si

Jasan Park is the oldest park in Yeosu and you can see the largest statue of Yi Sun-Sin, a historically famous Korean military general who gained victories against the Japanese navy during the Joseon Dynasty. At the peak of Jasan Park, there is a boarding area, where you can take the ocean cable that goes to Dolsan Park. It’s a great place to appreciate the stunning ocean view.

2. Dolsan Park

  • Address: 3600-1, Dolsan-ro, Dolsan-eup, Yeosu-si

Dolsan Park is located across from Dolsan Bridge and you can see the breathtaking view of Dolsan Bridge at the viewpoint. The nighttime view is especially beautiful as the lights of Dolsan Bridge start to glow.

3. Odongdo Island

  • Address: 222, Odongdo-ro, Yeosu-si

Odongdo Island is a wonderful place to take a walk from Yeosu Port while enjoying the deep blue ocean view. It’s also a great place to leave Instagram-worthy pictures. In April, Odongdo Island turns into the most spectacular spot to appreciate vivid camellia flowers, becoming a popular dating spot among couples.

4. Yi Sun Shin Square

  • Address: 385-6, Jungang-dong, Yeosu-si

‘Yi Sun-Shin’ was a Korean military general famed for his victories against the Japanese navy during the Imjin war in the Joseon Dynasty. He was able to defeat the Japanese navy with the ship he constructed, so-called ‘Turtle Ship’ because it looks like tortoise shell. You can see the statue of Yi Sun-Shin and Turtle Ship at Yi Sun-Shin Square along with an awesome view.

You can also see another version of Yi Sun-Shin’s statue at Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul!

5. Aqua Planet Yeosu

  • Address: 61-11, Odongdo-ro, Yeosu-si

If you are looking for an indoor activity in Yeosu, why don’t you visit Aqua Planet aquarium? You can see Beluga Whales, a rare species of white whales only found at Aqua Planet Yeosu in Korea. You can also visit the Alive Museum, a high convincing optical illusion art museum in the theme of nature!

6. Gosodong Wall Painting Village

  • Address: 268 Gosodong, Yeosu-si

If you are determined to take as many Instagrammable pictures as possible in Yeosu, you should definitely head to Gosodong Wall Painting Village! You can easily get there from Yi Sun-Shin Square. There are many cute cafes, where you can drink a nice cup of coffee while enjoying a beautiful view of the ocean.

7. Yeosu Artland Culture & Resort

  • Address: 142-1, Musulmok-gil, Dolsan-eup, Yeosu-si

At Yeosu Artland Culture & Resort, there are plenty of attractions for you to enjoy, such as the Trick Art Museum, a sculpture park, a swimming pool, and so forth. The most iconic spot is the observatory that is shaped like a hand, inspired by Midas’ Hand.

8. Maseongri Black Sand Beach

  • Address: 15-1 Maseongri-gil, Manheung-dong, Yeosu-si

Maseongri Black Sand Beach is the one-and-only black sand beach in Korea. Black sand is known to have medical efficacy for many diseases. It’s also a great place to enjoy all kinds of water activities!


  • Address: 116 Musulmok-gil, Dolsan-eup, Yeosu-si

Highclass 153 is a boutique resort in Yeosu, which is famous for having an infinity pool and High Swing. High Swing is one of the must-go places to take the best Instagram photos. They also have prepared a variety of dresses that will make you look like a goddess!

Must-Stay Hotel in Yeosu

  • Address: 111, Odongdo-ro, Yeosu-si

The most recommended hotel fo you to enjoy the breathtaking ocean view in Yeosu is Sono Calm Yeosu. Sono Calm is one of the hotels operated by Daemyung, which also runs the famous Vivaldi Park Ski Resort and Ocean World Water Park! There are many nearby attractions, such as Big-O fountain show, Yeosu Maritime Cable Car, Yeosu Tower, and Aqua Planet aquarium.

The evening view is as beautiful as the daytime view and you can enjoy this unbelievable view in your own room all day! The view from the sauna is also stunning.

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Must-Try Food in Yeosu

**Please note that opening hours are subject to change.

1. Nangman Pocha Street

  • Address: Below Geobukseondaegyo Bridge, 300-3, Jonghwa-dong, Yeosu-si
  • Opening Hours: Every Day 18:00~01:00

If you want to feel the romantic vibes of the night in Yeosu just like Jang Beom June’s song ‘Yeosu Night Sea’, head to ‘Nangman Pocha Street’! ‘Nangman’ means romance and ‘Pocha’ means street vendors in Korean.

There are a variety of street food vendors gathered at Nangman Pocha Street and having seafood with Soju (Korean alcohol that is similar to vodka) is something you must try out in Yeosu!

2. Dolmuneo Sangheo

  • Address: 78, Hamel-ro, Yeosu-si
  • Opening Hours: Weekdays 17:00~02:00 / Weekends 12:00~02:00

‘Dolmuneo Sangheo’ is one of the most popular vendors at Nangman Pocha Street. ‘Muneo’ means octopus in Korean and they sell all kinds of food made of octopus.

The best selling menu is ‘Dolmuneo Sam Hap’ (KRW 39,000), which is a combination of octopus, pork, kimchi, scallop, abalone, and more. There are also ‘Dolmuneo Ramyeon’ (KRW 10,000) and ‘Seafood Ramyeon’ (KRW 10,000) which perfectly goes well with Soju!

3. Bada Table

  • Address: 43, Goso-3-gil, Yeosu-si
  • Opening Hours: Weekdays 11:00~21:30 / Weekends 11:00~21:00

‘Bada’ means sea in Korean and just like its name, ‘Bada Table’ is a great place to enjoy the ocean view while enjoying your food.

They have curry, pasta, ramyeon, pizza, and kimchi fried rice. The most popular menus are Rosé Pasta (KRW 17,000) and Kimchi Fried Rice (KRW 11,000)!

4. Yeosudang

  • Address: 72, Jungang-ro, Yeosu-si
  • Opening Hours: Every Day 08:30~21:00

If you are looking for good desserts after having meals in Yeosu, you should definitely check out ‘Yeosudang’! Usually, there is a long queue in front of the store.

Their representative menus are Handmade Baguette Burger (KRW 4,000) and Mugwort Ice-cream (KRW 3,000). If you order a set menu you can enjoy them at KRW 6,500 in total.

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