5 Must-Visit-Places for Coffee Lover When Travelling to Borobudur

For all coffee lover, these are must-visit place when you travelling around Borobudur.

Travelling to Borobudur always gives a magnificent experience. After visiting the biggest temple in Indonesia, there are still many options to do.

For all coffee lover, these are must-visit place when you travelling around Borobudur.

1. Waroeng Mendut

If you go to Borobudur and pass the Mendut Temple, you’ll find a coffee shop on the bank of Elo River. That’s Waroeng Mendut. With the semi-outdoor concept, Waroeng Mendut emphasize romantic feeling. They have nice lighting and garden for maximize the atmosphere in the coffee shop. Waroeng Mendut served Indonesian food like nasi goreng and western food like pasta.

2. Kedai Bukit Rhema

Do you know the famous bird-shaped building located nearby Borobudur? That’s right, Bukit Rhema the Chicken Church. When you visit Bukit Rhema, check out on the back of the building. There is a coffee shop located on the second and third floor, That’s Kedai Bukit Rhema. The special things about this place are the panoramic view. You can see Menoreh hill from the south side of Kedai and mountains from the north side. Come with your partner and enjoy the beverages when sounds of nature soothing your mind. Drinking coffee with mountain view isn’t something you usually do, right?

3. Waroeng Kopi Borobudur

Wanna drink a cup of local coffee in local-ambience place? Then Waroeng Kopi Borobudur is the right choice. With joglo-shape (traditional Javanese house) building and traditional live music, the authenticity of Javanese culture can’t be ignored. There is no modern coffee maker machine, all coffee product is served with traditional method. Don’t expect bitter taste when you ordered black coffee because the coffee brewed with sugar. That’s how local people drink coffee. Moreover, you can order traditional snacks like Tempe Goreng (fried fermented soybean), fried cassava, and quail egg satay. Waroeng Kopi Borobudur located in Balkondes Borobudur, five minutes from the temple to the south.

4. Paksi Coffee House

Looking at the façade of the building, Paksi Coffee House has strong Indonesian old-themed atmosphere. Nostalgic feeling gets stronger with the furniture and accessories inside the coffee shop. You can see jug made from clay, big jar, and old-themed lamp. Beside traditional coffee, Paksi Coffee House also served Indonesian food like nasi goreng and gado-gado. If you want to go to a place with a nostalgic sense, Paksi Coffee House is the one you looking for. Paksi Coffee House located in Badrawati Street, Near Borobudur.

5. Alea Coffeeshop

Have you ever felt the sensation of drinking your coffee and enjoying the view of the rice field at the same time? With only 300 metres from Borobudur temple to the east, you can feel that experience in Alea Coffeeshop. This coffeeshop located in Balaputradewa. Alea has signature coffee, the Java Coffee served in aluminium kettle. Moreover, you can order Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, Americano, and various kind of snacks.

That’s five spots when you need a cup of coffee for your energy booster after exploring Borobudur. Do you have another recommendation? Let me know.


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